Exterior Style Guide

The Nerolac Exterior Color Guide is a book that inspires you with specially crafted color palettes for your home’s exterior. We always have a dream of making a home at a spectacular location. Perched on a mountainside, a cliff overlooking the sea or in a garden full of flowers. We bring the color inspirations from those places and bring that vision to the exterior of your home. Nerolac has travelled the country and seen how the Indian landscape is changing. The book is filled with inspirational colors for the urban Indian home. When painting or repainting our home, we start our journey with looking for the right inspiration. Understand the architecture of the home as well as the surroundings. Pick the right color palette from the seven unique crafted color stories.


A White in its innumerable tints is a perfect backdrop to a modern art filled home. It is like the canvas against which all the elements of a home come to life.

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More and more homes are being designed to fit into an urban sensibility. Sensitive palettes of muted creams and red pinks give these homes a sensual Urban Sense.

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For homes that are truly comfortable, where we look for a Sunlit Bliss. Familiar woods, ethnic fabrics and warm colours of yellow, ochre, orange and olive make for a cozy home.

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Whether you’re the entertainer, lounger, or bohemian free-body, you will want one area in your home which is an exotic escape. This is the one place where you stay at home and make it a dream getaway.

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It’s time to turn your home into a trendy Tropical Paradise. Large Plants, strong colours and natural accents in the décor bring abundant lushness into the home.

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The home is a cocoon in this modernist palette of coloured neutrals. All manner of gray and brown for walls bring a calm sophistication. Enveleping the room like a comforting shell.

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While you live in bustling streets and high-rise buildings, there is always that desire for a Secret Garden. A hidden green space you can call your own.

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